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Presentation: Lesson 5: Natural Language Processing

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    Welcome to Session 5 of Semantic Analysis Methods and Techniques at Kent State University. This first four sessions of this course have been introductory in nature and focused on setting the stage and providing the background material necessary to understand the context in which semantic technologies can- and should- be used. This week, we will begin taking a look “under the hood” of semantic technologies to see what makes them tick, starting with Natural Language Processing. From this point on, lectures and, especially, the readings will get more technical in nature. Unless your professional background and/or your future goals involve working with programming languages, statistical methods, and machine learning algorithms, it probably is not necessary to try to absorb every detail of these readings. Instead, read with the goal of a “higher-level” understanding of the subject matter. Try to learn what each method or tool does and the basics of how it does it. Also think of scenarios where this method or tool may serve as solution to a problem or enhance a business process. From this point on, most weeks will include an assignment which asks you to look at a tool- or tools- and evaluate it critically using questions from a template as a guide for producing a brief write-up.

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