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Presentation: Color

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    Some artists will argue that line is the most expressive quality in a work of art. That without line, the whole meaning of a work of art is lost. Others, however, argue that color is the essential element to expression. Colors can be saturated and have very intense hues. Colors also have a temperature and can be warm or cool. A warm color is any color with a yellow undertone and a cool color has a blue undertone. Any color can have a warm or cool temperature. We also have physical reactions to color. A psychological study placed a person in a red room and took their blood pressure. When the same person was placed in a blue room, their blood pressure was lower, just because of the physical reaction the body has to color. Dining rooms are supposed to be red, to ignite excitement and hunger, the doctor’s office is usually a dull blue, to lower the patient’s anxiety. There has also been a study that showed drunk tanks in jails that are painted pepto bismal pink calm a drunk person down reducing the risk of belligerent behavior. Pages 101 -107 discuss the specifics of how color is perceived and also the arrangement of the color wheel. This is illustrated in images 1.4.1 – 1.4.10

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