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    The images on this slide where taken in Basrah, Iraq, circa 2008-09 shortly before the British pulled out of theatre. The directional sign photo was taken outside of the Basrah International Airport shortly after it opened for the Hajj. That is me looking at you -- the viewer -- while I wait for BBC Scotland to finish prepping for a live shoot. The upper right is Major General Andy Salmon, the top British military leader in Iraq, having tea with locals and conducting an interview with Iraqi media during a bridge dedication ceremony. The lower left is Civil Affairs Officer CPT Jason Rose conducting an interview with local news during a mission where Iraqi National Police handed out blankets to people in the community. The other "soldier" is really an interpreter dressed like a Joe in order to blend with us and be less of a target. Finally, when you are the only guy in the room with an SLR, you get invited to take photos of some high end subject. Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. Joe Biden arrived for a diplomatic visit at the Regional Embassy in Basrah. This was shortly after President was elected, but prior to inauguration.

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