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Presentation: Copy - RBARR LIS30010 Wayfinding

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    Slide 1 Welcome to my presentation on solving a problem with a little research and a lot of slides. Ok, first a little story, on the school campus where I work, we have many events and community outreach programs that use our facilities throughout the calendar year. One Saturday last fall, I was onsite working and decided to take a break. On my way to grab some coffee, I noticed a mom and her 7th grade son looking for a math tutoring class. This weekly class was scheduled in the past at one of the buildings but it was locked and dark at the entrance they normally used. A Security officer assisted be entering the building and classroom, which was empty. They did not find any signs to direct them to the alternate classroom. Well to make this short, two security guards, a plant services person, math department head and several radio calls and emails later, I received the correct information as to where the class was moved to and escorted them to their destination. That was more difficult to resolve than most location or wayfinding issues but it sparked a thought, a beginning to a project or a resolution of a question. About a week after, I drop over to the Kent Tuscarawas campus and used one of the wayfinding kiosks to find my adviser. A question formed, given our current technology capabilities, which Wayfinding system would be the best to aid campus navigation for our visitors, students, and community?

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Robert Barr